Our values

Our vision is to be the ultimate African Freight Solution with the objective of providing an efficient intra-African network with international connectivity on cost-effective and reliable freighter aircrafts operated by... Read more

Our alliances

Astral Aviation currently has global sales agents in all the five continents. We have appointed GSA’s in over 25 countries around the globe and continue to appointing GSA’s in new regions. Read more

Our products

Astral Express Premium air-cargo product for urgent and time-sensitive shipments to the Astral network A guaranteed-uplift service based on the highest priority to give you an assured and reliable... Read more

Our cargo services

Astral offers a unique but limited sea-air service from the Ports of Mombasa to the land-locked countries of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, D. R. Congo, Ethiopia, Southern Sudan, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Central African... Read more

Astral is the most reliable and efficient freighter operator for emergency relief charters and humanitarian operations to any region in Africa. We provide an air-bridge service in times... Read more

Astral offers specialized project charters for various types of project-related cargoes. Amongst these are mining cargo, oil-field equipment, telecommunication equipment, drilling equipment, heavy-engineering products, motor vehicles and spares,... Read more

Our network

Within its intra-African network, which encompasses 50 destinations, Astral operates a combination of scheduled and ad-hoc charters along with value-added services. Its interline agreements with... Read more

Our fleet

McDonnell Douglas DC9 Freighter The DC9 Freighter is a short to mid-range freighter with 16 tons uplift in a pallet configuration. The DC9 is equipped with JT8D-17 Engines and is in full compliance with the... Read more


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